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tv   Politicking  RT  February 14, 2020 7:30am-8:01am EST

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government didn't do that. there was people trying to cause a red flag and try to blame it on the government and they got caught at it but it took 3 years later but that generally has happened. regardless of which party is in power there are always finding excuses so that the people will go along with it so people went along with trump and yet that was an act of war but both neither party says a word that republicans are going to say anything but democrats saying they found other things that we found to be maybe existing to some degree but rather minor in nature compared to unleashing bombs on people without authority and doing it on their own that's that's executive branch government out of control do you buy that old theory of the biz not a lot of difference between both parties. i don't i don't think there's very very much difference i think it's personality is seeking
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power but when it comes to important thing i think they agree very much i was just looking at you know the budget that came out today and look to find out last year well it was on december 20th of last year they paused in the impeachment hearings to bipartisan agreement to this you know huge huge expenditure bill so they get together when they have to have to do it and basically you know they didn't complain about trump's aggressive foreign policy and republicans don't really complain that much when when obama was doing this so the foreign policies are are shared monetary policy has to be shared because they both in sort. of poor deficit financing whether it's for domestic reason or international reasons reasons so it's something that they get along with on the big issues but right now there's a lot of vitriol out the air because it's almost a fight over who gets the power to make these decisions the policies aren't on the
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table for discussion and that's rather frustrating for you know a good progressive should be very frustrated too and libertarians get frustrated with it because it's back and forth sometimes we hear the president say you know we have to back off and come home and bring some troops home but if you waited a couple days or so it's really not what the policy is so yes there's a lot of talk and a lot of contests going on but unfortunately there's too much agreement and i think that has to do with politics as usual but also because of the control of people outside of government which a lot of people refer to as the deep state when you have a military industrial complex and they're very powerful so they pulled the strings and even even if you give trump the benefit the doubt that he's serious when he wants to back off it seems like he didn't believe it or he changes miners. somebody is putting pressure on him because he ends up with a policy that you know behind the scenes at least both parties agree with you
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as the nation of general close some so well meaning last month and the act of war against iran yet everybody agree that he was a major terrorist how was that an act of war. well there are people not everybody in the in the world agrees how how active it was and what he was doing if he was as bad as they were and he was a threat to our national security which he wasn't it should be done in a much more orderly constitutional manner you should ask for you know at least tip off the congress and get get some authority and yes what would happen if somebody of that sort came in and they say you know trumps the bad guy but that that vice president has passed he's even worse so. somebody comes in and assassinates one or the other i mean what would we do even though even if even if you say yeah those
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guys were bad guys and it made in deserve it that is not the way to bring about an orderly society it's how it's the way to you know enlisted war so they are technically acts of war but not from the definition of the individuals that run our foreign policy the ones that want to juice up the military money spending which is what both sides do that's really what the backing all this is spend more money build more weapons build stuff we don't need like the f. $35.00 and that's going to make the economy per along and take care of everybody so that's the system that has to be challenged. using congress' global investigation into that as a summation are not likely. no i don't think they will i think it's over and done with long time ago did what they're doing is they're vying for power that's power drives them and personalities to the point where you know because of the
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failure of our monetary system our spending is out of control the foreign policy is weakening us overseas there's a bit frustrated because of this so they have to they have to stir up some problems and the problem is is who's going to control things but policies don't change government is out of control it's out of control in domestic spending it's out of control and international spending the military is out of control and the purpose of government doesn't even nobody even knows or tries to explain what is the purpose of our government oh it's to make us safe it's us to police the world kill bad guys and make sure that the military industrial complex is alive and healthy because all that wealth is going to spend on to the average person that's all that they care about they don't think of government that the government that was designed and at least it was supposed to been designed you know to protect with the liberty of american people i mean it's almost obscene now to mention that as
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a holy man outlook on 90 people are you but it used to be there was the libertarians or constitutional conservatives there were good progressive democrats and even a short time ago when i was in washington you know we work we worked out in the open you know with with the progressive but now not both parties are so aggressive that it's pretty to pretty discouraging but the only way i have always have to look for the positive and i think this is all going to change because we're not going to be able to afford running this empire are you wearing 170 countries people are getting disgusted with us and we are ambivalent with our foreign policy and they're upset and. there's going to be repercussions from this and i think that will give us a chance for the us for us that want to promote peace and prosperity to express ourselves you think it's not going to change who is allowed to the november.
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i don't think so not not not total they'll be differences because the personalities involved you know are different and if some of the people. on the progressive side if they think they have to have total socialism that can make things worse but long term no the principles of liberty are threatened by you know probably 95 percent of the people in washington and one party's not much better than the other some have rhetoric that sounds a little bit better but no but there's a reason for this because it's very difficult to say that i did have something to say about the budget and i cut the budget back to a constitutional so i wouldn't be there very long because we are addicted to it just think of what was going on here you know just a few months ago when the fed said this is getting out of control negative interest
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rates and spending like crazy and trillion dollar debt and he was going after the republicans so what he'd do he'd take care of a little bit one little bit and boy did they come down hard on hard on the federal reserve even trump trump was he was a bully on this and said no way you're going to do this and it's an addiction you know give the give the person that's trying to get off drugs and give them what they need a common come down but the problem is is long term there is not a good future in this if this if this was a workable nobody would really have to work you know you just print money and pass it out and everybody would have been right now they're saying that the only thing is the next downturns in the wake hit and they say with all of you know bernanke you said well i'm not the money isn't being spread out very well it's all ended up in the hands of the very wealthy there said what we need is a helicopter drop the money out of the sky make sure everybody is. sure and it's
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hard for me to believe that people believe that nonsense but that that is talked about by serious people and that's the way wall street is acting as if that's available because that number one purpose of almost everything that is done in washington right now is to keep the bubble going certainly is the number one job of the federal reserve and so far they've been doing their job but that's sort of like an individual who can borrow every month because he likes to spend money eventually he can't borrow and and that's what we're approaching that's why people should be concerned in another op ed last month you stated that iraq can vote all they want to move us troops that were never leaving you believe that we're never leaving iraq . well we'll never believe in tension lee from iraq you know they voted unanimously time to leave you know we reformed their country we
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sent our kids over there many died and and were you know lives destroyed and their country has been in office people and yes we had a bad dictator there and everybody justified it but we went to war. by telling lies about what song don hussein was doing and that's why people go well we got to go get him we got to go get him but we destroy their country kill millions of people and all of a sudden you know we're we're going to. you know they're doing disgusted with us they don't want our money they don't want us there again you broadened us so they would have a vote and it went 100 percent against this and i don't think you'll find democratic leaders or republican leaders who would jump on the bandwagon saying time to time we'll leave you know like the soviets left afghanistan they left with their tail between their legs because it was bankruptcy for him and that's what we ought to be
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thinking about. ron stay right there we'll have more politicking with ron paul right after the break. aeroflot russian and lights. in a world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting
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past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle earth for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. aeroflot russian and lights.
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for max you know what money you want to. watch. welcome back to politicking i'm talking with ron paul the former republican u.s. congressman from texas who made 3 bids for the white house twice as a republican and once is the libertarian party presidential nominee and he's joining us from lake jackson texas. are you against the wall and eventually by the united states overseas. no but they should only be done properly and that means that the president and the executive branch of government doesn't have a monopoly on making all these decisions that's why the senate is supposed to be involved with you know all the appointments and that's why the founders were very adamant about the congress the people had to endorse war but they don't do that now
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i remember bringing that up was it before iraq i said i'm going to have you vote on this because this is wrong you have to vote if you want to go to war against iraq and the chairman of the committee said oh he says that part of the constitution is anachronistic follow that anymore it laughed in my face but that's that are added to and you know we have to have more respect for but even jefferson probably did more overseas than i would have but he always went to the congress and they had an endorsement he explained to and did these things but now there's nothing just like him many people have died on both sides how many people have we killed how many americans have died since world war 2 you know whether it's korea. or what we've done in the middle east and you say well yes that's right but it had to be done well if it had to be done and there should have been a vote we should have you know follow the constitution sort of annoys me when we
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hear the pontifications on both sides oh i'm doing this because i'm a strict constitutionalist and i have to do that and then i think i can even say it out loud i can't on your show what they do is they. can't you can't say it because they they don't believe it you know they they doubt they don't even believe that and when i look at their votes i sat there and looked at them and i wonder if they ever read the constitution so it really annoys me when you hear the the bragging about why must do this because it's constitutional and it's on both sides that's a bi partisan issue. what do you think of the president's new middle east peace plan which was rejected by the palestinians. well i wouldn't say that i know all the details of that but i can take the
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philosophic position what are we doing that for you know why why do we have to settle a dispute that's been going on for a lot of years and people we've been doing it others have been doing it for a long time so i would say that that's an operative to do this and so i emotionally when i look at what's going on i can't help with say you know i do have some simple these poor for the palestinians you know because you hear you know of all the problems and it but i don't think i don't think our government should be dictating it and i think if we were outed there that the parties were be more likely to get together i think israel would have a different attitude and the arabs in the and and the muslims would have different attitudes and out in the sense of the that probably decide to come together but if if one side takes takes
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a position that is very annoying to the other side by saying boublil behind you and our military will defend you that that just gets a lot of people upset and so i just think that nonintervention in that would be a good idea as well and i had instead of thinking that is going to bring on armageddon i think they would live more peacefully there because over the centuries that is what happened when there was less outside interference or was interesting because. that's an interesting proposal to get us out of the middle east problem by stopping and being involved in it that's very thoughtful yeah but you and i have talked a lot over the years and i say what i hope to do and you know i've given some support to tulsa the. i want to i want to bring people together instead of saying if somebody is a progressive democrat and once more economic interference than i do but we agree
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that the world would be better off if we agreed on a noninterventionist foreign policy for moral and constitutional reasons and that's what we should aim for because right now it's getting worse and worse because each side you know getting their back up against the wall and just saying we're going to be the boss and we'll decide who drops the bombs and would decide who's going to be assassinated that's not going to help the world. why do you say you mention her why do you support told she gathered. well mainly on the foreign policy and that's started it might have even started on your program you got me into trouble i remember you asked me why so now i like her i'm not pick her out of the out of the eye of the democratic group i think at the beginning how many were there about 20 i did and i admit i didn't know the details of all of them but i did know about her foreign policy so i would still argue the case if i were voting in that
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particular primary which i'm not i would i would vote for mainly because she's a principled person and she and. you know express herself very very well and she takes the position that a lot of people a member of i think if you just put her positions out against the foreign policy or republican democrat i'll bet the majority americans would agree with her because it makes it makes sense but no they somebody like this is in their face about the military industrial complex and that's why they have to exclude her as they you know probably did with me at times because they don't want to hear that the truth is not what they're after and i but i think her voice is loud and clear and she's going to have an impact i hope it is more impactful than most people think right now because right now the democrats and republicans don't really like her. does
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bernie's early success surprise you. not really. it's too bad he said he's had some leanings he's he's nothing compared to the on foreign policy but he and i have worked on some issues like that but you know when it comes to economic policy that everything is for free and it's going to be all right and you don't have to pay for the deficit don't matter that's just the extreme republican is so i but i'm not surprised because people. people want stuff and in right now lots of stuff is being passed out. eventually real satisfaction in life comes from producing and being responsible and taking care of ourselves and our family even when you even if you can get yourself into
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a position where you get free stuff all the time they're miserable people you know because they do not have the satisfaction of the delight in being responsible so i think all of this there's too too much of that and it's republican and democrat republicans tone down their rhetoric about the free stuff but the budget came out today it's not getting smaller you know it's getting bigger and they all will cut we're going to balance and runs again we're going to balance the budget but i think it's in 15 year that's to excite us all if we do believe in fiscal can conservatism so well we'll wait 15 years but i've been here and after 50 years. what do you make mike bloomberg candidacy. i think it's it's really pretty ironic. because here here we have you know
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a white billionaire and they're supposed to be the worst people in the world and he's he's competing with all the radical socialist and he may end up being the candidate because he's been able to buy by the election but who would have ever guessed i would use money to get their election what i mean that that is just unbelievable so can you imagine 2 billionaires running against each other what will the well the socialist have to say i would think they should have to pack their bags and go home. aren't many socialist countries though frankly successful they have free education health care for all and they managed to hold their own. well when you dissect that all out i guess if you wanted to be really do that we look at rand's book on socialism there's a lot of mysticism in that but. when you get something for free. that's
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the unfortunate statement because it can't be true nothing is perfect something has to be taken from one and given to another and we do that you have to steal it from this person to give it away so it it's one of it's one of those things that you can't do it by yourself so you have to have the government do it and they have to steal it and that's why it doesn't work and it gets worse and worse you know our interventionism has gotten worse and moving towards socialism but socialism moves toward the radical you know. fascism and communism that's all socialism gets radical because people finally resent their less productive am nobody seems to one who wants to soften it and say well we'll take a softened stand on on on to socialism and look at venezuela they get free health care you know and some of these things but if it just doesn't work the history is
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very very bad for it and besides i think that the bankruptcy would eat their lunch before they'd be able to get very far and that's what's challenging us now for us to switch to socialism. would be just a whore. ever thought about running again ron. and i don't i don't think so unless you want to be my vice presidential content i know you're right and i'll be. trying to try to try to try to stop those wars you'd have to you'd have to say you'd work hard on stopping those wars which i think you would ron paul as always thanks for your time today. thank you thank you thank you thank you for joining me. on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget to use the politic a hash tag and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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aeroflot russian and like us. you know world a big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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aeroflot russian and lights. in 2040 you know bloody revolution to tikrit the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know here i mean you know liz put video through me
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in the new bill is that i'm you spoiling me to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of 2014. of those who took part in this today over 5000000000 dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. national committee you would know to move through it in your circle as one of them . and you can do for 70 much for the call it was a. minute to do more of a. look. at. the white english voting for you here already seems to have you know maybe it seems to trace the. city. that.
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live from moscow these are the headlines of. the chemical weapons watchdogs investigation into alleged chemical attack in syria claiming he faced intimidation we'll tell you more. political woes grow as a key ally of the french president drops out of paris merrill rice following the leak of a sex tape. and the last minute legal intervention could eventually see a killer and a rapist released back onto the streets of britain this 25 violent criminals deportation to jamaica blocked. my responsibility to pay for a foreign national to commit crime in my country of the.


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